I Wish I Was Going to BEA! Books to Pine For

One day. One day, I’m going to go to BEA! Now that I’ve said it out blog, I need to make this happen. Maybe 2015? Anyway, PW just published their annual Children’s Galleys to Grab and I’m super-excited for the following titles.  That means, if you come across any of these galleys, send them to me. PLEASE! I PROMISE TO LOVE YOU FOREVER! And not in a Robert Munsch crazy way. Maybe.

Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson
I love Sanderson’s work. He’s fantastic at worldbuilding! I’ve read the 1000+ pg Way of Kings twice will

dive into it once more to get ready for Words of Radiance. I also loved Warbreaker! I pre-ordered Rithmatist and am now adding Steelheart to my want list! It sounds awesome. People get super human powers adn decide they don’t like humans anymore. They are called Epics and they will do what it takes to keep man down.  In come the Reckoners who want to set things to right, especially one who needs revenge.

Enchanter Heir by Cinda Williams Chima
Do you like epic fantasy with hints of romance? Then don’t miss Chima’s Seven Realms Series! You can read those then start on the Heir series to be ready for Enchanter Heir this fall!

The Eye of the Minds by James Dashner
We used Maze Runner for our first One Book, One School venture two years

ago and students are still reading Dashner’s books. It’s a great word of mouth title. I know the holds will be heavy on this one! This one’s all virtual reality hacker style.

Broken by Elizabeth Pulford
I don’t know this author nor this publisher but the synopsis reminds me of Inkheart except with comics.  She is trying to find her brother. IN HER HEAD! This is a graphic novel-expository mashup. Looks fantastic.

The Hypnotists by Gordon Korman
GORDON KORMAN! I have read many of Korman’s books and this past
December, some of our students had the opportunity to Skype with him about his latest, Ungifted. He was great, even with our spotty technology.

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater
The sequel to Raven Boys! The sequel to Raven Boys! Give it to me.

The Lord of Opium by Nancy Farmer
Oh.My.Word. Have you read House of the Scorpion?? I handsell that as often as
possible. I recently bought the ones with the new cover. And now there is going to be a sequel. That title alone has the power to make me happy. But, I won’t settle for anything less than the book itself.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
I’ve already read Eleanor & Park twice. The second time I listened to the audiobook, which I recommend you hear soon! I also read Rowell’s post on Why Park is Korean. Touching. This one is about sisters growing up and growing apart and trying to find your own self.  I can hardly wait. Get it for me so I don’t have to wait long.

A Wounded Name by Dot Hutchinson
A retelling of Hamlet. I’m always on the lookout for retelling to give

my students more incentives to check out classics beyond what’s required in the classroom.

Wow, those are just a few of the books I want. Must go begging. Also, did you notice the blue??? Is that the official color of scifi/fantasy for Fall?


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